Making a vision a reality.

MuniCap provides the expertise to bring to fruition a plan for changes in land use.

MuniCap, Inc. is a public finance consulting firm that specializes in developing and implementing creative approaches to funding public infrastructure, facilities, and services for real estate development.

The qualities that distinguish MuniCap are:


MuniCap has helped our clients successfully close on more than 294 public funding programs that have provided over $6.5 billion of public investment in development projects.


MuniCap is a specialist in our field. We do not try to do everything; we have instead focused on what we do best. MuniCap's specialization, along with our extensive experience, has allowed us to develop the highest degree of expertise in our field.


MuniCap is not a planning firm, we are an implementation firm. As a result of our extensive experience successfully arranging public funding, we understand what works.

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November 14, 2018

Atlanta 'Gulch' to get a lift with $1.9 billion of municipal bonds

For decades, 40 acres of southern downtown Atlanta known as the Gulch remained an undeveloped plot, serving as a railroad yard, then a parking lot convenient for tailgaters attending nearby sports venues. The terrain, about 40 feet below surrounding streets and buildings, made it difficult to attract a developer until now. The city has approved an incentive package with $1.9 billion in bond financing to support a $5 billion development proposal by the Los Angeles, California-based developer CIM Group.

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June 19, 2018