While each transaction is unique, public financings share some broad phases.

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An opportunity is identified, a vision comes into focus. This is what our clients do best: envisioning a project that makes a difference to the people in their community.

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Together with the client, we determine the objectives and options for the transaction. This stage culminates in a public plan of finance for the project.

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Authorization (Obtaining Government Approvals)

Working with the transaction team, we navigate the governmental process to obtain approval for the plan of finance. Success at this phase is a product of sound research, analysis, communication, and a plan of finance that meets best practices.

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Execution (Arranging the Financing)

The crucial analysis and advice we provide are informed by our executive experience with the issuance of bonds for investment in real estate development projects. We work in tandem with the finance team to usher the transaction to a successful closing.

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Administration (District Management)

While most professionals’ involvement in a given transaction ends at closing, MuniCap provides a full array of bond and district administrative support services. We know best practices, as well as industry expectations, and we can provide these services at the highest professional standards.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss our services and whether we can help make your vision a reality.