MuniCap, Inc. is a leading public finance consulting firm established in 1997 that specializes in developing and implementing creative approaches to funding public infrastructure, facilities, and services for economic development and urban redevelopment projects, usually involving public and private partnerships.


MuniCap’s primary role is to assist developers and public agencies in developing, implementing and managing public financing plans to create successful public-private partnership development projects. MuniCap’s role is to facilitate tax increment and special tax bond financing through bond issuance—our “consulting services”—as well as to complete the corresponding compliance after bond issuance—our “administrative services.”

Consulting Services
Policy and Finance Program Development
Project Feasibility and Pro-Forma Analysis
Fiscal and Economic Impact Analysis
Capital Markets/Financing

Administrative Services
Project Monitoring
Annual Budget Preparation
Financial Reporting to Bond Holders
IRS Compliance

Public Finance – Bond Administrator
Virginia Office (Richmond Area) – 1 Position
Pennsylvania Office (Greater Pittsburgh Area) – 1 Position

We are currently seeking candidates with experience in finance and analytics to join our team. In this role, you will interact closely with local government agencies and real estate developers as well as perform a significant amount of research.

Our ideal candidate will be able to apply logic and use analytics to various projects currently in process and on the horizon. They will help solve problems and generate ideas, scrutinize issues in calculating methods, completes tasks with little to no direction, and take a proactive and results oriented approach in the areas of public finance and real estate revenue research and analysis.

Public Finance – Bond Administrator responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of multiple large scale, catalytic real estate projects and associated clients
  • Preparation of compliance reports on real estate development projects
  • Preparation of annual financial budgets and corresponding reports
  • Preparation of summaries, and reports related to financial analyses
  • Valuation and reconciliation of trust accounts and statements
  • Monitor project development, communicate with client and interested parties
  • Evaluation of on-going project and development metrics
  • Respond to bond holder and other stakeholders’ inquiries
  • Review and interpretation of bond and legal documents
  • Maintain responsibility for completion and accuracy of work products

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Please email resumes and letters of introduction (cover letter) to: [email protected]