About Us

MuniCap was…
  • founded in 1997.
  • among the first firms to provide tax increment finance and special district consulting in the Mid-Atlantic region.
MuniCap is…
  • a team of approximately fifty dedicated professionals in five states.
  • a municipal advisory firm registered with the SEC and the MSRB.
  • a manager of public financing districts across the nation
  • a company rooted in experience, elevated by innovation.

MuniCap has…
  • consulted on numerous high-profile clients from both the public and private sector.
  • fostered public-private partnerships for real estate development in more than thirty states, plus the District of Columbia.
  • assisted on more than 500 successful transactions, culminating in more than $10 billion in funding.
MuniCap Does…
  • tax increment financing.
  • special assessment and special tax financing.
  • ongoing district administration.
  • economic and fiscal impact analyses.
  • proffer justification.
  • arbitrage calculations.
  • IRS compliance.