David Saikia

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David Saikia has nearly 20 years of specialized experience in public finance and urban redevelopment. Having joined MuniCap in 2001, Mr. Saikia now serves as the firm’s head of research and analytics, overseeing many of its most technically advanced projects. Throughout his career, he has honed a sophisticated understanding of the property valuation process and a nuanced approach to modeling projections of revenues and impacts. When it comes to developing forecasts of tax increment revenue, he is among the nation’s leading experts.

Mr. Saikia also writes most of the complex reports that MuniCap produces, including those that provide estimates of the revenue available to repay bonds. Drawing on his extensive interaction with local governments, developers, underwriters, and buyers of bonds, he crafts these studies to meet the specific and demanding requirements of the municipal bond market.

For any given project, Mr. Saikia advises clients on a range of aspects—from creating the plan of finance, to navigating the governmental approval process, to bringing the deal to market.

Prior to joining MuniCap, Mr. Saikia held roles in the Phoenix City Manager’s Office and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. He earned his Master of Public Affairs from the University of Wisconsin La Follette School of Public Affairs and a Bachelor of Arts from Penn State University. Mr. Saikia is a registered Municipal Advisor (Series 50) and has passed the Municipal Advisor Principal Qualification Examination (Series 54). Mr. Saikia is also a frequent guest lecturer at universities and professional conferences.

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