About Us

MuniCap, Inc. is a public finance consulting firm based in Columbia, Maryland that specializes in the public finance aspects of redevelopment. MuniCap is headquartered in Columbia, Maryland, with additional offices located in Dallas, Texas, Charleston, South Carolina, Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania, and Richmond, Virginia.

As a result of MuniCap's commitment to and specialization with public financing related to real estate development, MuniCap is one of the most experienced firms in the country in this field. This high degree of expertise has resulted in MuniCap having the opportunity to assist with over 300 projects in more 23 states and the District of Columbia.

MuniCap's extensive experience in many states has facilitated a thorough knowledge of the many various techniques and methodologies employed in public-private partnerships across the country. As a result of this experience, MuniCap is aware of national best practices and evolving trends.

MuniCap has experience representing both local government agencies and many national developers. MuniCap understands both the public policy issues of local governments and the development process, including constraints of the private capital markets related to real estate development. Public-private partnerships often involve extensive negotiations between the local government and developers. It is very valuable in these negotiations to understand the other side of the transaction. MuniCap is unique in its depth of experience on both the public and private sides of public-private partnerships.

MuniCap also understands the unique public policy issues that must be addressed by local governments for programs to stand up to public scrutiny. MuniCap has conducted extensive national research on industry recommended best practices and has summarized these recommendations into the key recommended policies. MuniCap takes a disciplined approach of applying these recommended best practices, along with any policies of local importance, to ensure a proposed public investment is objectively evaluated and meets the highest standards of public policy.

One of the strengths of MuniCap's experience is the successful public funding for numerous redevelopment and development projects. Successfully funding programs requires a discipline to research and documentation that exceeds the planning level. This experience has given MuniCap a highly practical perspective as to what works and what does not.

Since 1997 MuniCap has helped close over 300 project based bond issues, totaling over $7.0 billion in public financing for development. Most of these programs have utilized some form of tax increment financing (TIF), special assessment, or special tax bonds. These programs have utilized many different and innovative features, such as project revenue financings and local agency backed bond issues, non-rated, rated and insured bond issues, private placements, limited public offerings, and full public offerings, long-term bonds, short-term bonds and super-sinker turbo bonds, "naked" TIFs and TIFs backstopped with minimum tax/assessment guarantees, mixed-financings involving HUD 108 loans, new market tax credits, and BEDI and EDI grants, and taxable and tax exempt bonds.


*MuniCap, Inc. has assisted with facilitating the financing on more than 400 bond closings worth over $9.5 billion since company inception in 1997. MuniCap, Inc. provides consulting and administration services in 28 states and the District of Columbia. v.3.2022